Wild Windy Edamame

The winds of change left me ravished, tangled and stripped to bare simplicity.
Awash in abundance, the fruition of a blessed season, resplendent till tomorrow.
Kiss life and let it begin. Find rest when the air is calm and clean.

How to Prepare Edamame

The fury little beans still on the stalk are called Edamame or adolescent soybeans. There are many delicious ways to prepare them as you can see from a quick online search. Unfortunately the wind and rain has left me a bit scattered and foolish, so I’ll give you the simplest way to prepare them.

1. Remove the bean pods from the stalk while savoring this song: Wild is the Wind.
2. Steam the pods whole till a little squeeze pops the bean out of the shell.
3. Season with butter (coconut oil, toasted sesame or olive oil), sea salt and cracked pepper.    
4. Serve as an appetizer or snack.                
5. Eat them by chomping down on the skin, and sucking the beans out of the buttery salty pod.
6. Discard the skins, lick your fingers clean and then wipe them on your dress.