Selah Koile

IMG_20141002_215123In 2011 I earned my designation as a Registered Holistic Nutrition Counselor (RHN), from The Canadian School Of Natural Nutrition. In 2014 I earned my Food Handlers Trainer certificate.

Since 2003  I’ve been growing and preserving food, I’ve worked in health food stores and catering, I’ve managed commercial kitchens, mentored nutrition students (at the university of Mount St. Vincint and Acadia), developed recipes, coordinated numerous food events, talks and workshops for non-profits, I’ve taught kids, teens and adults how to cook, I’ve worked in and for farmers markets, and most recently, I’ve added, feeding my spouse and baby (on a tight budget), to the ever growing list.

Basically, I’m all about food.

My Philosophy

My relationship to food reflects how I nourish myself. When I am rushed and indifferent to what I put in and on my body, I instill the message that my needs are not a priority. When I give to the world from this place I deplete myself and my body suffers dis-ease. When I am still with myself and at ease with my tender heart, I receive the sweet wisdom my body gives me every day about what I need to be whole. When I take the time to listen and remember my goodness, I can contribute to my community from a place of empowerment and compassion.

The goal of my practice is to guide you through a process that will enable you to:

  • Fuel your life with delicious, pure whole foods
  • Dissolve dis-ease and find ease within stillness and nourishment
  • Balance passion for your self with compassion for others