Selah Koile


In 2011 I earned my designation as a Registered Holistic Nutrition Counselor (RHN), from The Canadian School Of Natural Nutrition. I also hold an Advanced Food Handlers Trainer certificate for the province of Nova Scotia.

Since 2003  I’ve been growing, preparing and preserving whole food. I’ve worked for health food stores, restaurants, and catering companies. I’ve managed commercial kitchens, mentored nutrition students (at the University of Mount St. Vincent and Acadia), developed recipes, and coordinated numerous food events, talks and workshops. I’ve taught kids, teens, and adults how to cook and have worked in and for farmers markets.  I learn the most, however, from being a mother and feeding my family.


Since 1996 I have been on a healing path and have explored more physical and spiritual healing modalities then I can count. I have taken numerous workshops, but my most beloved is the International Intensive Training I completed (2007) with Marshall Rosenburg, who pioneered Non-Violent Communication. This life-changing way of seeing the world, has been woven into everything I do personally and professionally.

My vision

To contribute to a culture where we savor every morsel of delicious food we bring into our bodies, and where food is prepared lovingly; with an appreciation for every being whose life helped bring it to our plates. We nourish ourselves with an intimate knowledge of just what we need and not crave more because we feel full with the magnificence of life and all of its richness.

The goal of my practice

To inspire and enable you to:

  • Fuel your life with delicious, pure whole foods
  • Dissolve dis-ease and find ease within stillness and nourishment
  • Balance passion for your self with compassion for others