About You

bookish studentI love working with creative, forward thinking, bookish, environmentally friendly, community-minded, curious, quirky people.

Some of my clients are feminists, artists, queer, singers and musicians, school teachers, architects, students, health care professionals, or work in non-profit organizations.

I like working with people who are motivated by purpose and values. Maybe you’re working towards solving some of the big questions like, how do we live sustainably on this planet? Or, how can we have more equality in our society? Maybe you’ve already found a solution and work tirelessly to improve your community. Or maybe you bring harmony to the world with your soulful voice.

I want to work with you because I believe your contribution is crucial to this world. I want you to have the energy to pull off your fantastic ideas. I want to see people like you solve the big questions with your creative and radical intelligence. I want you to engage with the challenges you see all around you with curiosity and empowered empathy.

images-7This is what I’d like to do for you.

  • Identify what is draining your energy – mentally and physically.
  • Fortify your body with whole foods, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments.
  • Empower you to get your needs met with simple communication skills.
  • Remove roadblocks like food allergies, cravings, addictions or habitual thoughts.
  • Establish life-long routines for self-care.
  • Practice removing stress with a collection of techniques.

If you’re curious about what it’s like to work with me, check out the Reviews Page where past and present clients share their experience with me, or contact me directly.