Frequently Asked Questions

How much does each meal cost?

It’s a little difficult to say exactly, as each client has specific needs. Here is a sample of an invoice for a family of two, receiving five meals per week. They order 4 portions per day so they can have leftovers for lunches or enough to share with guests. This menu is gluten free, cow milk free, corn, soy, and cashew free. Averaged over the week, each meal in this menu costs $20. 

What kinds of dietary restrictions do you accommodate?

Currently, the list of dietary restrictions I accommodate with my clients is soy, wheat, gluten, dairy, cashews, pork, sugar, corn, and nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants). I have been supporting a variety of dietary requirements for 15 years, for myself, my family and my clients. If you have an unusual or difficult request, I might be one of the best people you could ask.

Are your meals frozen?

Unless requested otherwise, I send fresh meals out to be eaten within 2-3 days. Some of my meals can easily be frozen and purchased in large quantities with advance notice. Each meal usually includes a fresh salad, however, if you prefer only frozen meals, that can be accommodated also.

Do I need to order a certain amount of meals each week?

You can decide how many meals you would like each week based on your needs. However, I do require that my clients sign an agreement so that we both know what is expected each month. If notice to quit is not given 2 weeks before the beginning of the month, then a new month-long agreement automatically starts. Ex. you may want 3 meals for 4 people a week, or 1 meal a week or 4 meals every 2 weeks. It doesn’t much matter as long as it’s consistent and I know well in advance. If you would like a regular service but know you need to be away for a certain time period, I can work around that too.

How do clients pay?

I send bi-weekly invoices by e-mail and accept payments by e-mail money transfer, cash or cheque.

Do you provide meals on weekends?

Generally, I do not. If you require food on a weekend, I can arrange to provide you with frozen food on my regular drop off day, Thursday. I can also provide salads that have a longer shelf life.

Do you deliver the meals?

Currently, it seems to be easiest for my clients to pick up their food at my home in Kentville. I designate Monday between 4-5pm and Thursday between 4-5pm. for pick up. If you require delivery, that can be arranged as well.

How many choices will I have?

Each client will receive a 3-week rotating menu based on their dietary requirements. The menu will change with the seasons and the local produce available. Each week has 5 meals. Here is a sample menu for Jan 2018.

Do you cater?

Yes, I can cater for small events (between 10-20), as long as the menu is in alignment with the food I am already accustomed to preparing ex; whole food, gluten-free.

Do you provide baked goods and sweets?

Yes, I provide gluten and flour free bread, crackers and desserts. Here is a sample menu.

Where do you prepare the meals?

Currently, most meals are prepared in my home kitchen, but occasionally I am asked to cook in my client’s home. Both options are available.