Seasonal Recipe Directory

 Spring Recipes

Creamy Nettle Soup with Roasted Parsnips and Potatoes

Satiny Rhubarb Ginger Dressing

Radish & Apple Salad 

Salad Rolls with Tahini Dip

Summer Recipes

Strawberries with Herbes de Province

Zucchini Steaks With Stuffed Day Lilies

Blueberry and Beebalm Lemonade

Broccoli, Almond and Cranberry Salad

Cabbage Buddha Bowl with Cumin and Basil

Raw Seed Pâté With Seasonal Crudités

Creamy Aubergine & Crostini

Simple Edamame Appetizer


Autumn Recipes

Baked Sweet Potato Stuffed with Fennel and Goat Cheese

Roasted Romanesco and Cress

Beet Salad with Orange and Star Anise Vinaigrette

Creamy Oat Groats with Autumn Apples

Turmeric Tahini Veggies (Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Yellow Beans) with Millet

Two Millet Recipes on One Page

  1. Sweet Potatoes & Yellow Beans with Umeboshi, Dulse and Millet
  2. Sweet Cakes with Caramelized Plums & Pears

Delicata Squash with Black Beans and Coconut Rice


Buckwheat Crepes with Root Veg and Lemon Tarragon Coconut Cream

Burdock Benedict with Shiitake Mushrooms

Two Recipes On One Page:

  1. Carrot Butter on Buckwheat Toast
  2. Jonagold and Tae Baek Radish Marinade on Spinach

Sweet Potato and Warm Spinach Salad

ABC Salad (apple, beet, carrot)

North Africa Inspired Winter Vegetable Stew

Sweet Potato Parsnip Pie with Mushroom Sage Gravy

Spicy Sweet Potatoes with Wild Canadian Rice and French Lentils

Tangy Turnip Salad with Lime, Ginger and Cilantro

Mushroom, Leek and Brassica Tart

Coconut Coleslaw

Braised Brussel Sprouts and Barley

Beet, Pear and Pecan Parfait



Year Round Delights

Chocolate Crumb Cake (gluten, dairy, sugar-free)

How to make an awesome soup with whatever you have


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