Healing Meals

Custom made for your unique needs.

Feel fit and energized with flavorful, customized meals that suit your ideal diet.

Empower yourself to break free from sugar, processed foods or any foods that disrupt your health.

Selah’s over 10 years of catering and cooking experience plus her training in Holistic Nutrition combine to provide you with beautiful, nourishing meals.

Achieve your unique health goals: Start with a personalized meal plan that addresses food intolerances, blood sugar imbalances, stress, digestive disorders and more.

Nettle SoupPure and fresh: Every meal is made from scratch with ingredients that are local, un-sprayed and/or certified organic. Bone broths, gluten free breads, wraps, sauces, pro-biotic beverages, micro greens and much more are all made from scratch!

Invest in your community and the planet: All food is sourced from local farms with sustainable practices and certified organic suppliers.

Increase your nutrient absorption: Specific preparation techniques maximize your food’s nutrient content, while making it easier for your body to absorb.

Save money: no need to shop for produce that gets wasted.

Save time and relax: planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning are all magically done. Pop your pre-made delicious meal in the oven and kick your heals up in your clean  kitchen.

Duncan Ebata
“Selah’s food is incredibly delicious and makes you feel great. Her nutrition counselling, healing food, and hands on workshops have transformed the way our household eats in so many exciting and useful ways. Now I eat and feel better. I don’t feel tired after I eat, and I have more energy. Life is good. Thanks Selah!”

Duncan Ebata


“I was privileged to experience some of Selah’s live food wizardry. She fed us a feast that would please any discerning palate. She not only makes healthy eating seem like something you should do, but something you can’t wait to do. Her attention to beauty only adds to this culinary delight.”

Annabelle Cameron

Tyler Haute“I have had the pleasure of working with Selah on various gourmet art events. Over the years I have watched Selah’s attention to detail with cuisine transform into a scrupulous understanding of nutrition, especially as it relates to food quality and preparation”.

Tyler Haute



All services are custom designed for your unique needs.  The price will depend on factors such as complexity of allergens, your tastes, meat or vegetarian, how much of the work you want me to do vs. what you would like to do (ex: shopping and pick up). I bill hourly for planning, shopping, cooking, clean up and delivery of meals plus the cost of ingredients and a deposit for containers.

I am confident that I can find ways to make your budget of time and money work for both of us.

Sample Meal

North African Inspired Winter Vegetable StewCrunchy side salad of purple cabbage ribbons, julienne sliced carrots, napa cabbage and pea shoots, with a creamy tahini dressing.

Slow roasted chicken or chick pea stew, with North African spices, apricots, sweet potato and autumn root vegetables, on a mound of brown rice.

Additional services:

Have a customized cleanse regime created for your unique health issues (IBS, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more)

Have your kitchen cleaned, organized and your pantry re-stocked with whole foods.

Have your kitchen organized for maximum work flow efficiency; de-clutter useless gadgetry and receive recommendations for practical tools.

Get Started:

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