I participated in Selah’s skincare workshop in May 2012. It was a wonderful experience. She provided all of the ingredients and containers that we needed. The information about skin helped me appreciate why we were learning to make our own natural products. Everything smelled amazing and we had the chance to personalize our lotions with different essential oils. I learned a lot in those four hours, things that I will carry for the rest of my life.

This workshop gave me the confidence that I CAN do this from home and I no longer need to spend time reading complicated ingredients and worrying about them. I feel so grateful for what I learned because I will always have these skills and can share them with my friends and family. She held a fantastic workshop and I will continue to attend her workshops in the future, whatever topic they may be. I loved the very beginning when we shut our eyes, it was very calming. her voice was nice and soothing and a perfect way to begin and arrive in the space. Thanks again for everything!