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“Confidence and Learning”

I really enjoy getting up and trying something new. This course took me to an area of knowledge that was outside of my comfort zone, but Selah invites you to do what you want using the foods and spices and herbs that appeal to you. All these course give you confidence and learning opportunities. L.D.


“The Perfect Instructor”IMG_20141002_214321

Selah is the perfect instructor for this type of workshop; she’s so personable, knowledgeable, articulate, passionate about good food and just downright fun.



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“Always Learning Something New”

I’ve now come to 5 workshops and have learned something new each time, and continue to use the ideas. This morning’s projects were a batch of Infinite Buckwheat Batter, sprouting some lentils and reading more about fermenting.



“Selah Knows How To Play. ” 

The Body Care workshop was a fabulous experience! A romp through sensual delights of natural and delightful, beauty – inside and out.  The snacks were yummy and the preparations beautiful.  This lovely, sensual glory is not bought pre-packed on shelves, it is so much closer to home. Remember this loves … stick your fingers in the honey jar. Selah knows how to play and is full of devious tips I will always remember!

Morrigan: Musician, Community Art Facilitator and Qigong Instructor


“Truly Inspiring!”

I was first introduced to Selah’s wonderful talent with food at the Halifax Market. in 2009. Since then I have witnessed her catering for hundreds, running workshops for groups, and counseling people, all with grace and poise. Most recently I participated in her Natural Body Care workshop, a truly informative and enjoyable experience. She opened the door for me to discover and play in the kitchen and the garden. Truly inspiring!

Emma: Visual Artist, Architect and International Educator


“Scrupulous Understanding of  Nutrition.”

I have had the pleasure of working with Selah on various gourmet art events. Over the years I have watched Selah’s attention to detail with cuisine transform into a scrupulous understanding of nutrition, especially as it relates to food quality and preparation.

Tyler:  Chef, Dietitian and International Bike Tour Guide.


 “Live Food Wizardry”

8cdc36_181110c236cd49918cca2676486bb2ef.jpg_srz_p_361_476_75_22_0.50_1.20_0“At a living food workshop at the CSNN, I was privileged to experience some of Selah’s live food wizardry. She fed us a feast of sprouted and fermented foods that would please any discerning palate. She is an excellent presenter and not only makes healthy eating seem like something you should do but something you can’t wait to do. Her attention to beauty only adds to this culinary delight.”

Annabelle: RHN and owner of Mindful Nutrition


IMG_1528“Gave Me The Confidence That I CAN Do This From Home.” 

I participated in Selah’s skincare workshop in May 2012. It was a wonderful experience all together. She provided all of the ingredients and containers that we needed. The information about skin helped me appreciate why we were learning to make our own natural products. Everything smelled amazing and we had the chance to personalize our lotions with different essential oils. I learned a lot in those four hours, things that I will carry for the rest of my life.

This workshop gave me the confidence that I CAN do this from home and I no longer need to spend time reading complicated ingredients and worrying about them. I feel so grateful for what I learned,  because I will always have these skills and can share them with my friends and family. She held a fantastic workshop and I will continue to attend her workshops in the future, whatever topic they may be. I loved the very beginning when we shut our eyes, it was very calming. her voice was nice and soothing and a perfect way to begin and arrive in the space. Thanks again for everything!


 “In Good Hands.”

When I first consulted with Selah, I quickly realized that she was thorough but also genuinely cared, was open about what I had to say, and was attentive to my personal situation as a whole. I felt in very good hands.

Genie: RMT, Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Posture Specialist & Belly Dancer



“Selah’s Presence Brings Warmth and Love…”

You can feel it in her presentations, workshops and any conversation you have with her, as well as taste it in all the foods she shares.

Daisy : RHN and Early Childhood Educator.








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